Furnace Repair Richmond Hill

Furnace Repair Richmond HillThe furnace repair Richmond Hill residents rely on most comes from the Comfort Air Mechanical Services team. Not only will we help you out in a pinch when you need furnace repair right away, we will also serve your Richmond Hill home with year-round furnace maintenance and AC repair. What more could you want from a trusted and respected locally-owned business that proudly serves Richmond Hill?

We are well known for our furnace repair service in Richmond Hill. We are honest, don’t overcharge our customers, and don’t exaggerate about what we can or cannot do. Instead, we keep calm and carry on with the skills and tools that quickly repair your furnace.

To illustrate our point, here are some free, helpful tips we would like to share with you that will help keep your furnace and air conditioning units operating even during the harshest weather:


  • Do your own furnace maintenance by replacing your air filters every year, but call us if you have any problems.
  • Clean your gutters so water doesn’t back up and freeze.
  • Get a roof rake so you can remove packed snow from your roof, which will help keep your roof from collapsing under the extra weight.
  • Keep fully stocked emergency kits in your home and your car.
  • Sometimes the biggest winter danger is carbon monoxide poisoning. Install a carbon monoxide detector on each level in your home.
  • Consider purchasing a generator to use when the power goes out. You’ll be glad to have power when others don’t.


  • Make sure you get annual AC repair and maintenance to keep your energy bills lower.
  • If you have travel plans, keep quiet about it on the social media channels. Thieves could target your home if they know you’ll be gone.
  • Make certain all mail and newspapers are not in plain view while you’re away. Either put them on vacation hold or get someone you trust to bring them inside.
  • Lock important documents away in a safe.
  • Keep your valuables, electronics, and computers tucked away and out of easy view when possible.

Again, when you need furnace maintenance or furnace repair in your Richmond Hill home, contact your best resource:  Comfort Air Mechanical Services. You can connect with us anytime at our two locations for immediate attention:  (416) 543-9451 for Maple or (416) 688-2453 for Thornhill. For general inquiries, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!